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About Local Gigs Vancouver

About Local Gigs Vancouver

Local Gigs Vancouver was invented to help you find people and businesses to work with in your community. We want to help businesses build their dream team & help gig workers improve their side hustle opportunities.

When Businesses Post Gigs they collect applicants that they can refer to at any time. No longer will you have to dig through your emails to find the right person for the job. Just post and continually build and collect a pool of talent. Mark your top applicants so they’re easy to find. We keep them all organized on our platform.

As a gig worker you can apply to as many opportunities as you want and update your application at any time. If you pay a small fee we'll put your application at the top of the pile to make sure you get noticed.

Gig App Features

Build Your Talent Pool
Business collect applicats that they wish to hire for various gigs and can refer to their list of applicants at any time. Mark your top applicants so they’re easy to find.
Earn Extra Money
Gig workers can apply to work at many different businesses. Update their application at any time. Choose the gigs you want to work for and earn extra money.
Get Noticed
Businesses and gig workers can pay a small fee to get noticed. Your application or job post will float to the top of the list. This also helps us improve our app to make it better for everyone.

Questions & Awnsers

What is the gig economy?


Everyone’s talking about the gig economy these days. Gig jobs often involve connecting with multiple clients or customers through an online platform to help them get things done. A growing number of people are choosing to work in it instead of the traditional 9-5 job. Why would someone want to do that?

Well the gig economy is more flexible, and offers temporary, or freelance jobs that can work around your life. The gig economy can benefit workers, businesses, and consumers by making work more adaptable to the needs of the moment. Maybe you rather do yoga on Wednesday and work Sunday night. Maybe you have a 9-5 job but need to pick up some extra shifts on the weekend to reach your financial goals. Or maybe you just started your business and you're not ready to hire someone full time.

What do gig workers do?

Gig workers generally do small tasks for different companies or customers. These tasks can be anything from getting groceries to writing code. A gig worker can opt to work for a set amount of time, like choosing a shift, or work by the project. Once the task or shift is complete, the worker can move on to the next gig. That might be another project with the same company, or something entirely different with another company. One of the great things about being a gig worker is you get to meet many different business owners and not rely on just one.

Is there an app to find gig workers in Vancouver?

Yes! Local gigs is a gig app serving the Greater Vancouver area. You can find workers for your on-demand services without the need to hire full time employees right away. Or you can find some extra work to do in your spare time to help increase your income. We're merely the “connector,” bringing gig workers and businesses together.

How do I find Gig workers?

Simply post a job and wait for applicants to apply. You’ll continue to build a pool of talent you can call on when the needs are there. Found the perfect person? You can mark them to make them easy to find next time you're looking to bring someone onto the job.